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What you need to know about changing your dog's food

Do you always give your dog the same food? It’s common to stick to one brand, but it’s crucial to know when a change may be needed. We asked our friends at Forthglade to share their top tips on when to consider changing your dog's food, and how to go about transitioning over to new grub.

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Signs to suggest you might need to change your dog's food

  • A dull coat
  • An unusual lack of energy
  • Itchy skin
  • Gaining weight
  • And well, to put it politely... gastrointestinal upset

Ok, so you think it's time to switch up their food? Let's look at the options...

What food is best for your dog?

The dog food choice can be endless, with various food choices available on the market, ranging from wet to dry, and even raw food. How do you know which is best for the needs of your dog?

Wet food

At Forthglade, we are strong advocates for a natural wet food diet for your dog. Our products are free from artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives to ensure they're receiving the optimal nutrition for a happy and healthy life. Unlike dry dog foods, wet foods contain a higher quantity of meat and maintain more of their nutritional value. Dogs also tend to enjoy the taste and texture of wet food more than other types of food.

But is it right for you and your dog? Wet food does cost more than dry food, so there's that to consider. It can also be messier to prepare (and if you've ever watched a spaniel eating a bowl of wet food, you'll know what we mean!). It also doesn't last as long as it often needs to be eaten within a couple of days once open.

Dry food

Choosing dry food for your pet is convenient, but it's important to consider the quality and nutrition. Many dry dog foods are made with low-quality ingredients and cooked at high temperatures, which may not deliver the promised nutrition.

If you're thinking about switching to dry dog food, consider natural recipes that are free from fillers and artificial ingredients. Forthglade's dry dog food is made with natural ingredients and includes added vitamins and minerals for a nutritious option.

Raw food

This isn't for all humans and dogs as it takes more effort than any other food, but it can be favoured by many people due to the food being in its most natural form. The diet generally consists of feeding raw, meaty bones with a combination of fruits, vegetables, and muscle and organ meat. This way of eating allows you to be in complete control of what your canine companion is eating. You'll still need to ensure that you're serving your dog all the nutrients and vitamins that they need on a daily basis.

How do you go about changing your dog's food?

The simple answer is slow and steady. Changing your dog's food overnight is not ideal, as this can cause stomach upset. We recommend the following:

  • Begin by switching 25% of your dog's existing food with the new food
  • Over 7-14 days, keep increasing the amount until you are happy that your dog is adjusting to the new food, at which point you can switch completely
  • Stick to your regular feeding times

To find out how Forthglade might benefit your four-legged friend, read the full article here >.

Written by Forthglade

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