Winter coat, summer coat – all-season outerwear for your dog

If you’re anything like us, you spend a bit of time putting various coats in and out of a bag when you’re planning to go away. The heavy quilted parka for a midwinter break, the comfy fleece for nights round the campfire, light waterproof for, well, pretty much every season here in the UK. But what about your dog? Whilst our four-legged friends are often more than happy to go au naturel, there are plenty of options to give you a canine coat conundrum to match your own. Here are some of our recommendations for cutting-edge fabulousness and function in dog outerwear.

Written by Lucy Thackray

Lightweight casual

If you’re looking for something lightweight that’ll keep your dog warm on a chilly morning, Dorset Dog Togs have a good selection and can even make to measure if you’re in the area and can drop by. Their coats can be put on without disturbing a harness and they even have a hi-vis option if you’re out particularly early or late, or simply have a tiny dog that often gets missed!

Brisk walks

For walks on a brisk spring or autumn day, a simple, warming fleece will keep your pet in the great outdoors for longer, without getting wet and shivery. Hugo and Ted’s are made of rainproof polar fleece and come in a dizzying range of colours and prints – we like the camouflage number, although you’d better make sure your dog has good recall before it disappears.

Puffy power

Whippets, greyhounds and other slender breeds get chilly easily – so if you’re heading away in winter, or to more freezing climes, consider a proper, insulated coat for your dog. Pets of Ponsonby do cute quilted puffa jackets, available in smart grey or sugary pink.

Shake it off

There’s no getting away from it – a UK break very often comes with a big side of rain showers. Whether sideways rain, sleet or a light misting, your faithful hound will need a walk whatever the weather – so minimise soggy-doggy misery with one of Bowl and Bone’s jolly canine raincoats. The water will bounce right off… and onto you, if they’re a shaker, but you’ll be used to that by now.

Surf’s pup!

Any serious sea goer has a dry robe these days, so why should your dog be any different? Maybe they’ve been out (and jumping off) the paddle board or just charging into the waves, but when they finally agree to come out you can wrap them up in one of Tailblazer’s cosy coats and they can sit on the beach, warm, dry and waxing down their paws.

Going too far?

There is definitely no practical benefit to dressing the same as your dog, but sometimes you just have to go with it. Wag and Wool has a selection of dog jumpers with matching human scarves or knitted headbands, made sustainably with the finest lambswool, sourced from a small business in Yorkshire. Go on, you know you want to.

The Lumberjack look

Ok, so these checked coats will keep your dog warm, but if we’re honest this one isn’t really about function at all. Imagine your dog strolling around a treehouse in this warm lumberjack-style gilet in classic red and black from Lords and Labradors. It’s a lightweight coat with easy-to-remove velcro attachments, which you can chuck in the washing machine after a delightfully muddy weekend away, but mainly it just looks cool.

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Written by Lucy Thackray

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