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Dog-friendly holidays in Scotland

You don’t have to be a Scottie to love Scotland. There’s simply so much wilderness to explore, from the highlands to the western islands, the rolling land of the borders, the Cairngorms to the endless coast. It’s a dog’s perfect playground and generally a dog-friendly place, which means you can usually find a pub to settle into and marvel at the whisky selection, while they nap under the table. It also means you find some incredible dog-friendly places to stay, and we’ve been out scouting for the very best. We inspect every place, in person, to make sure that your dog will be warmly welcomed and that you’ll have a place to stay as full of character and charm as Scotland itself.

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About Paws & Stay dog-friendly holidays in Scotland

Where did Paws & Stay come from?

Paws & Stay is part of the Sawday’s family, along with Canopy & Stars and the original Sawday’s Special Places. All three companies work on the same principles – that places should have character and individuality, and that we should personally inspect them to check. Paws & Stay came about because we found that certain places went beyond merely accepting dogs and made a proper ear-scratching fuss of our four-legged friends. We know how frustrating it is when a place is only dog-tolerant, so we created something that allowed those places going the extra mile to shine.

How do we know each place is good enough?

Because we’ve been there! It’s our firm belief, reinforced by turning up to the occasional building site, that photos can’t tell you what a place is really like. You need to visit, preferably with a dog in tow, have a nose around, sniff a few things and see how it feels to be there. That’s what we do, so you can head to our places with the reassuring knowledge that it will be exactly as we’ve described it.

Where should I visit in Scotland?

Scotland is big. Not Canada or Australia big for sure, but large enough that it pays to pick an area you want to explore and spend some good time there. You’ll find great dog-friendly places everywhere, so all you need to do is decide what sort of trip you’re after. The western isles are a popular spot, with the southernmost, Arran, Mull and Islay with its many distilleries, easily reached from Glasgow. Legendary Skye is a little further north but worth the trip for the incredible scenery. Staying on the mainland gives you the options of Aberdeenshire and the dramatic Cairngorms in the east, the Trossachs and Loch Lomond an easy hop from both Edinburgh and Glasgow, or Ayrshire and the borders to the south, where a gentler landscape makes for easy but beautiful walking.

Where will I find Paws & Stay places?

Our collection of dog-friendly places to stay in Scotland is still pretty small, but our team are always sniffing out new ones to add. On the rest of Paws & Stay, you’ll find places all over the UK, from Sussex to west Wales and Northumberland. Each one comes with a warm welcome for your dog and you, and a host of tips from the owner on dog-friendly things to do and places to eat in the area. So, wherever you find a Paws & Stay place, it will make you feel right at home.

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