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Dog-friendly holidays for Salty Sea Dogs

It’s hard to find a dog who doesn’t like the beach, but there are some dogs that seem to really love it. We’re talking about those who run straight for the water as soon as they see it and go headfirst with an almighty dive. They also enjoy staying in the water for so long, they could almost be mistaken for a seal. We’ve rounded up the best places in our collection to take your Salty Sea Dog for a little dip, that you’ll love too!

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About Paws & Stay dog-friendly holidays for Salty Sea Dogs

Where did Paws & Stay come from?

We love a mixed breed as much as a thoroughbred, here at Paws & Stay, but it can be handy knowing where your dog’s come from, and what they’re likely to grow up to be. So, what about our breeding? Well, we’re part of the Sawday’s family, which makes Canopy & Stars our older sister. With decades of combined experience, we’re the perfect people to help find you a dog-friendly getaway.

Where will I find Paws & Stay places?

This is a tricky answer because it’s different every day! We have places all over the… place. You can find somewhere to stay in remote Scotland, or rural Wales. We’ve spots in Northumberland, and others in Norfolk. We were only founded in 2021, but we’ve filled out boots with new places to stay, and there’s even more to come!

How do we know each place is good enough?

How do you know which hand the treat’s in? You sniff it out! There’s no way to tell where the good stuff’s at without checking it out. Otherwise, you’re just guessing. We send two inspectors to all of our prospective places. One human, and one dog – of course. That way, we know when we’re recommending a place, it’s suitable for everyone.

What makes a dog-friendly swimming spot?

Well, for starters, they’re allowed to be there! This could be a private residence, where there’s a swimming pool that they allow dogs in, or a swimming pond they’re happy to fill to the brim with four-legged friends. It could also be that there are either natural wild swimming spots (where dogs are as welcome as all other wild things) or there’s a local beach that allows dogs to gallop along miles of sand.

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