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Dog-friendly holidays in Yorkshire

With two national parks and miles of windswept coast, Yorkshire is a perfect playground for you and the hound. Explore lovely Whitby and York’s flourishing scene of great food and cool bars, while never coming close to running out of woodlands, rivers and hills for your dog to snuffle through. When you can end the day settled in the corner of a beautiful old stone pub, with treats for them and a perfect pint of real beer for you, you’ll understand why they call it dog’s own country.

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About Paws & Stay dog-friendly holidays in Yorkshire

Where did Paws & Stay come from?

Paws & Stay came about because in all the years we’d spent visiting special places to stay for Sawday’s and Canopy & Stars, we noticed a huge range in what was meant by the term “dog friendly”. For some people it meant allowing your dog to stay as long as you kept it confined to two square feet of kitchen floor or a cold garden, for others it meant welcome treats and ear scratches on arrival. We set out to find the latter and create a place where dog owners like us could look for somewhere to stay without worrying what was really meant by “dog friendly”.

How do we know each place is good enough?

Our dogs told us! Well, most of the time. We visit every place that’s on Paws & Stay, in person, with our dogs if they aren’t busy. That means we see what welcome they get, check what’s on offer for them, do a quick count of sticks and keep an eye on the tail wag to see if it passes the literal smell test.

Will my dog like Yorkshire?

It’s hard to be completely certain, but yes, they completely certainly will. Yorkshire is an outdoors sort of place, with a strong culture of hiking, farming and slightly wild living. Consequently, a lot of people have dogs, and when a lot of people have dogs, a lot of places accept dogs. So, you’ll find pubs, shops, cafés and tourist attractions are more likely to be set up for your dog.

Where should I go in Yorkshire?

If you’re after a bit of countryside, we’d say “pick a park”. You’ve got the North York Moors, just north of York in the east, and the Yorkshire Dales, which stretches north from Leeds. They both offer endless possibilities for hill walking and outdoor adventure, with the Dales having a greater number of hillier, more challenging routes, as the name would suggest, and also more water if your dog’s a swimmer. If you want to mix in some urban time, Leeds’ busy centre might be a bit overwhelming for some dogs, but there are lovely suburbs, while York packs an amazing array of eateries into its old, cobbled streets.

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