It's time to travel better

The growth of overtourism has had a damaging impact on many of the places we promote and love. Homes bought for holiday lets are driving out locals, overcrowding is putting pressure on infrastructure and increased traffic levels are causing environmental damage.

Overtourism is a complex issue, but we feel that the travel industry has a responsibility to face up to it. We recognise that we are part of the problem, but also hope to be part of the solution by leading the way and hope others will follow.

We have identified a list of nine at-risk destinations that we represent in our collection, including the Isle of Skye, Snowdonia and the Lake District, and we have capped the number of properties that we have in each location. In each of these places, the seasonal tourist population surge causes real problems for both local communities and the environment.

We understand that, given our size as a company, our efforts alone won’t completely eradicate the problem of overtourism, but we hope that it will set an example to other brands and travellers about the importance of making responsible decisions. We believe in putting sustainable travel before profit and encouraging more responsible ways to explore.

It’s time for the travel industry to come together and #travelbetter.

Mike Bevens, Managing Director, Paws & Stay

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Some of the caps we've introduced

“…this is exactly the type of responsible action that will ensure the correct balance between the benefits of tourism and the very negative aspects of overtourism.”
Malcom Bell, Chief Executive, Visit Cornwall

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