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Dog-friendly holidays in Sussex

It would be strange to call Sussex a hidden gem, but with the South Downs National Park, miles of stunning white-cliff coastline and a good line in superb, dog-friendly foodie pubs, you might say it doesn’t get enough press as a destination. Our dog-friendly places to stay in Sussex are some of our favourites, where owners with a passion for where they live and what they do have created homes that will help you experience all that Sussex has to offer. We’ve inspected them all, in person, so that we you and your dog will love what you find.

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About Paws & Stay dog-friendly holidays in Sussex

Where did Paws & Stay come from?

We’re the same team behind Sawday’s Special Places and Canopy & Stars, so we’ve got 25 years of experience in finding special places to stay. A lot of us own dogs and we found so often that there was a big difference between places that all called themselves dog friendly. Some provided all sorts of extras and welcome treats, others were full of rules that made taking a dog feel like a crime. We decided to create somewhere that dog owners could come to find a place that was cool, characterful and properly welcoming of dogs.

How do we know each place is good enough?

We visit every place in person to make sure not only that it’s dog friendly in the way we want Paws & Stay places to be, but also that it has the character and charm that humans will love. We keep an eye on quality and comfort, of course, but we’re more on the lookout for the feeling of joy that comes when you step into a place that’s been created by people who care.

Where should I visit in Sussex?

The beauty of Sussex is that you can go from deep, hilly countryside to the sea in a day, or even a single hike. There’s boating and SUPping on the Arun and the whole of the South Downs National Park, along with lovely little woodlands like St Leonard’s Forest outside Horsham. On the coast are an enormous number of coves and scenic spots, with Bracklesham Bay a team favourite. The county is also a foodie haven and not just for country pub classics, with superb restaurants and delis serving the produce of a dizzying array of artisans, growers and makers.

Where will I find Paws & Stay places?

While we’ve only got a few dog-friendly places to stay in Sussex right now, we’re adding to the collection all the time. The problem (which we secretly love) is that we’re quite particular. We need a place to genuinely welcome your dogs and also be exciting for you to stay in and there are fewer than we’d like that meet those standards. We’ve managed to dig some up from Scotland to Devon, via Northumberland and Wales, and we know we’ll sniff out plenty more in time. Sign up to our newsletter to find out when they come on board.

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