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Dog-friendly cottages for multiple dogs

It’s hard enough to go to work without the dog, let alone off on holidays. Even harder, if you have more than one dog and are made to choose a favourite. Here at Paws & Stay, we don’t believe in favourites, or indeed going anywhere without our dogs. Even better – if you’re going away with friends or family with a dog – you should be able to find somewhere your dogs can make friends. We’ve rounded all the places that welcome multiple dogs.

Devon 1/6




Cornwall 1/6





Herefordshire 1/5

Lake District & Cumbria 1/6


Shropshire 1/2

Somerset 1/2

Sussex 1/5

Kent 1/6

Hampshire 1/2

Surrey 1/1

Dorset 1/1

Northumberland 1/6


Scotland 1/6



Wales 1/6


Yorkshire 1/2

Lancashire 1/2

Staffordshire 1/1

Merseyside 1/1

Norfolk 1/1

Cotswolds 1/5

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Dog-friendly holidays

For the perfect dog-friendly holiday, you need a great place to base yourself and some fine spots to explore. Take a look at our dog-friendly holidays across the UK.

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Dog-Friendly holidays by the experts

It’s hard to be in a bad mood when you turn up at our office. Because when you arrive, some tiny four-legged friend will greet you and say good morning with a happy wag and a quick frisk for treats. We take our dogs everywhere, and it’s even more important we take them on holiday (since they basically work our hours too). When we go away, we want exactly the same thing as you do – a place where dogs aren’t just tolerated but welcomed.

In our collection, you’ll find it all. Whether that’s dog-friendly cottages for multiple dogs, or luxury dog-friendly holidays – all the way to dog-friendly cabins for doggy-hygge, and remote dog-friendly cottages for those less social hounds.

About Paws & Stay dog-friendly cottages

Where did Paws & Stay come from?

When our teams at Sawday’s and Canopy & Stars travelled with their dogs, we found that dog-friendly accommodation was often closer to dog tolerant. And this simply wouldn’t do. Realising there must be the same level of frustration elsewhere, we hoped to make a place where you could find all the best spots to stay with your dog.

What makes a cottage right for Paws & Stay

What does dog friendly really mean? It turns out, everyone has different ideas. So we did the most sensible thing we could think of, and asked you, our guests. It turns out, most people don’t mind ‘no dogs on the sofa’ – as long as there’s a spot for them to sleep, they are welcomed – not tolerated, and their needs are accommodated too!

How do we know each cottage is good enough?

To our minds, there’s only really one way to check if a place is right. And that’s just to go and find out – and even more importantly, we bring a dog (often dragging us along as they sniff out treats). Of course, we have a similar ethos to our sister brands, Sawday’s and Canopy & Stars, so like them, we’re not out doing white glove tests, or ticking things off on a checklist. We get a vibe, speak to owners, and check for wagging tails.

Where will I find Paws & Stay places?

Almost anywhere you’d want to go! We got our start in 2021, so we’re still pretty young (if you don’t count in dog years), and we’re still adding places to go all the time. We have spots to stay with the dog right at the bottom of England, and all the way to the highlands! There are places in the scenic Welsh hills, dotted around the Cornish coast or swaddled in the Northumbrian wild. Wherever you’re planning to go, take a peek, because we might just have the perfect spot for you.

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