Dog-friendly holidays near a pub

What is a trip to the pub if you don’t have a four-legged friend to nudge your knees for a scrap of sausage? Or stretch out by the fire and look like a tiny rug? Pubs simply wouldn’t look right without dogs. But equally important is that you’ve chosen to go away to relax, and you want your bit of time off by the wood burner, or out in the garden with the sunshine. Pubs, dogs, and holidays go hand in hand, so we rounded up a few of our spaces that meet all those precious criteria. Here are our holidays within a 45-minute walk of a dog-friendly pub!

Cornwall 1/6




Devon 1/6





Cotswolds 1/6


Lake District & Cumbria 1/5

Wales 1/4

Yorkshire 1/3

Sussex 1/5

Kent 1/6

Northumberland 1/6

Herefordshire 1/6


Shropshire 1/1

Surrey 1/1

Somerset 1/3

Hampshire 1/2

Scotland 1/3

Gloucestershire 1/1

Lancashire 1/2

Dorset 1/1

Merseyside 1/1

Norfolk 1/1

Dog-friendly holidays

For the perfect dog-friendly holiday, you need a great place to base yourself and some fine spots to explore. Take a look at our dog-friendly holidays across the UK.

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Dog-Friendly holidays by the experts

You can’t be an expert without dealing with the subject on a daily basis. And not only are we spending all day with dogs (yes, our office is as fluffy as you can imagine), we’ve been travelling with dogs for decades. With our experience working on our partner brands Sawday’s and Canopy & Stars, we’ve been taking dogs along with us on our travels for quite some time. When we go away, we want exactly what you do, – a place where dogs aren’t just tolerated but welcomed.

So whether it’s a dog-friendly cottage, a dog-friendly holiday in Cornwall, secluded dog-friendly spots in the countryside or holidays with enclosed gardens – we’ve been there, done that, and seen it all. And, better yet, brought a dog along with us too.

About Paws & Stay dog-friendly holidays

Where did Paws & Stay come from?

Are you asking after our pedigree? We can assure you, our provenance is immaculate. We use our decades of experience finding places to stay for Sawday’s and Canopy & Stars to find (and fetch) those incredible spots you couldn’t find anywhere else. Whilst we love a mixed breed as much as a purebred – it’s sure nice to know you’re getting what you imagined!

What makes a place right for Paws & Stay?

There’s one thing about a place we look at long before everything else – that it’s as dog friendly as it needs to be to welcome you with open arms. In fact, we like to make sure that the dog’s welcomed as just another guest. What does that look like? It’s different everywhere you go, but it could be an enclosed garden, treats on arrival, or just s special spot to sleep.

How do we know each place is good enough?

There’s simply nothing worse than turning up to a spot you’ve booked and finding out it’s not how it was sold, especially when you’ve travelled so far, and brought a very eager four-legged friend. That’s why we inspect every place personally, with a dog, to make sure it’s everything you’d hoped!

Where will I find Paws & Stay places?

Whether it’s the craggy cliffs of a seaside town in Cornwall, or the magical, scenic Highlands, we’ve got places at either end of the UK and all the way in between. So whether you’re looking for that perfect coastal getaway for ear-flapping walks, to disappear into the rolling fields of the midlands, or journey into the soaring hills of Wales – we’ve got the spot for you. There are new places on the site all the time, so just keep checking in for even more holidays to bring the dog!

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