Dog-friendly cottages in Devon

Devon, if nothing else, is a dog heaven. Ignoring all the fun there is to be had around the coastline for humans, whether that’s surfing, café hopping, browsing the shops or settling in by the fire at cosy pubs, there’s so much for dogs too. Run wild on big open beaches, or sniff out trails across the moors, hillsides and sweeping valleys. There are dog-friendly cafes, restaurants and pubs to visit, as well as plenty of historic spots, like castles, country houses and more. Pack a suitcase (and a few bones), and get going, there’s plenty for you and the dog to discover!





Dog-friendly holidays

For the perfect dog-friendly holiday, you need a great place to base yourself and some fine spots to explore. Take a look at our dog-friendly holidays across the UK.

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Dog-Friendly holidays by the experts

If you’re ever unsure of something, there’s only one kind of person you need to ask, and that’s the experts. And wouldn’t you know it, we have a few of those ourselves. Paws & Stay was created from all the expertise that makes Sawday’s and Canopy & Stars incredible people to pick a holiday with. We turned all our travel knowledge towards finding special places to stay with a hound in tow – why? Because we wanted to find those special spots too! We were frustrated with our options when it came to travelling with dogs. We found all too often that those ‘dog-friendly’ places were merely ‘dog-tolerant’ – and that wasn’t good enough for our little four-legged friends.

But what sort of thing can you expect from your time away with us? What sort of places to we have? Well, we’ve got it all. For our nervous and reactive friends, there are remote dog-friendly cottages. For the dogs that love a jaunt about town, or a long walk in the countryside we have dog-friendly cottages. Chilly little greyhounds might enjoy a cosy stay in a dog-friendly cabin and the little princess poodles? Perhaps a touch of something special at our luxury dog-friendly holidays.

About Paws & Stay dog-friendly cottages

What makes a holiday dog friendly?

We’ve worked very hard to pin down what dog friendly means, because it means lots of different things to different people. So, we found the best way to find out what it is, is to ask you! And we found there were a few things you all really felt were important. You felt it meant either walks from the front door, an enclosed garden or things left for the dog to enjoy.

What will I find at my Paws & Stay place?

Hopefully, everything you’ll need! Both for you, and for your four-legged friend. When it comes to dogs, you might find things like water bowls, or food bowls, a blanket for them to join you on the sofa – even a tap outside to wash those muddy paws. And for the humans? Lots of things too! Maybe a welcome hamper, perhaps a hot tub or a roll-top bath.

How do you know somewhere is a perfect Paws & Stay place?

The easiest way, and the best way, is often the simplest – we go and check! All the places we take on board are visited by one of our human inspectors, as well as a dog inspector. That way, we know it’s the perfect spot for you and your dog – because we loved it too.

Where can I go with Paws & Stay?

We have spots all over the place. We have them all the way from Scotland to the very end of England, and everywhere in between. We started in 2021, and since then. Have racked up hundreds of special places to stay – and we just keep adding more. If you check in today, next week, there’ll be even more!