Dog-friendly cottages in the Lake District & Cumbria

If you’ve ever been to The Lake District with your dog, you know there’s one major hurdle you face. It’s getting your dog back in the car to go home. With over 2000km2 of soaring peaks and low-lying valleys, stunning lakes and seemingly endless greenery, it’s a pretty tall order to try and persuade a dog to leave. But it’s not just a fantastic place for dogs, humans will find everything they’re in search of too, whether it’s adventure up on the fells, or wandering the shores, eating out at the many, many award-winning restaurants – or just relaxing back at your place – there’s something for everyone.



Dog-friendly holidays

For the perfect dog-friendly holiday, you need a great place to base yourself and some fine spots to explore. Take a look at our dog-friendly holidays across the UK.

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Dog-Friendly holidays by the experts

What makes us experts? With a few decades of combined experience in travel from our work at Sawday’s and Canopy & Stars – we took everything we learned and applied it to our own needs when travelling with our very own dogs. But we learned fast that places that called themselves ‘dog-friendly’, were really ‘dog-tolerant’. Out of this frustration, we created Paws & Stay to separate the amazing from the ordinary – and find places we’d love to bring our dogs on holiday.

But what does that translate to? What sort of places can you stay in? We have a little something for everyone. Whether you’re a fancy dog, with a taste for the finer things, then there are luxury dog-friendly holidays. Looking to cater to a more nervous or reactive dog? Then you might enjoy the remote dog-friendly cottages. There are even cosy dog-friendly cabins for outdoorsy dogs, or for more metropolitan dogs – dog-friendly cottages. Whatever you and the hound are after, we’ve got a place that’ll suit!

About Paws & Stay dog-friendly cottages

What makes a holiday dog friendly?

We sure have our own ideas about that, but the most important opinions there are, are yours. That’s why we asked – and found out what’s important to you. Some of your most important factors were things like enclosed gardens or walks straight from the front door. And whilst our places might not have every one at once, they at least have one you and your dog will love!

What will I find at my Paws & Stay place?

Each of our spaces are different – which means what’s at them is also completely different! We can’t say exactly what you’ll find, but on the bright side, that’s what the place pages are for! You can check the Humans and Dogs will love sections, the description, the further details or even the in the neighbourhood, for what’s nearby.

How do you know somewhere is a perfect Paws & Stay place?

We’re pretty discerning at Paws & Stay, and not everyone makes it through the selection process. We start off with a few intros, we speak to the owners and get a sense of the place – and move onto some initial details. But if a place is going to come onboard with us, there’s a non-negotiable inspection, with both a human inspector and a dog inspector – so we can see that it’s suitable for everyone!

Where can I go with Paws & Stay?

Where can’t you go?! Alright, there are a few places. But there’s many more places you can go than can’t, and we’re only young! We started in 2021, and we already have hundreds of places to stay. There are spots all over the country, Wales and Scotland – whether they’re in town or out in the remotest countryside. From the Highlands to the bottom of Cornwall.